Come see us at Arisia

A team from LI-CON will be at Arisia this month.

Come to our party after the Masquerade and enjoy hand-made New York Egg Creams, along with a variety of other beverages, snacks, and fascinating conversation.

Also, our chair (that’s me!) will be doing 8(!) panels. Come say hi and watch me try to seem eloquent.

The Future of School Douglas Fan Interest Sat 10:00 AM 01:15
That’s It! I Am Throwing This Book! Faneuil Literature Sat 10:00 PM 01:15
How They Lie with Statistics Alcott Science Sun 10:00 AM 01:15
The Year in Bad Science Alcott Science Sun 11:30 AM 01:15
No Capes! Non-Superhero Comics Adams Comics Sun 2:30 PM 01:15
Game-Based Learning and Gamification Bulfinch Gaming Sun 5:30 PM 01:15
Fear of Science — On the Rise? Alcott Science Mon 11:30 AM 01:15
Our (Deep Sea) Neighbors Are Very Strange Executive Board Room Science Mon 1:00 PM 01:15

If you have any questions about LI-CON or would like to buy a membership, please come by our fan table–just look for the LI-CON banner.
See you there.

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