Cosplay Competition Commences

Do you love to cosplay? Have a talent for costume design and craftsmanship? LI-CON is pleased to announce our first-ever Cosplay Competition on Sunday, March 30th, 2014!

The “Cosplay at LI-CON” competition will be sponsored by ShinkouCon and guest judged by cosplay models Nikki Cosplay, Dolly Love Cosplay and Yuumimi Cosplay. Come by and watch the contest as participants are judged based on craftsmanship, stage presence, and accuracy.

ShinkouCon has been generous enough to supply the following PRIZES for the competition:

1st prize: 3 day badge to ShinkouCon and a 1hr photoshoot

2nd prize: 1hr photoshoot

3rd prize: Half hr photoshoot

8 thoughts on “Cosplay Competition Commences”

  1. You don’t have to make your costume (I know I can’t sew), though the judges are costume makers themselves. We encourage all cosplayers to join – even if they didn’t make their costume. This is stated in the cosplay rules document that will be posted with the online form. Expect to see this all on our website by the weekend.


    1. Ok thanks, I can sew but I know that some competitions require you to make everything, but now i know that you dont. Ok, thanks so much!


  2. Hey~ whoever is joining just letting you know I am cosplaying as Ciel Phantomhive and Sollux Captor, so if ya see me around say hi! Ill say hi if i see any other cosplayers! (which will be a lot of people!!!)


    1. I have a concern with where we can check our bags or backpacks. We’re not all traveling there dressed and are probably going to change at the location. I have not received any information on bag checking and any info would be appreciated.


      1. Robert I have also answered you by email, at this time I am still awaiting information from the hotel as to whether or not they will set up “coat checks.” I have just spoken to them yet again and have been assured I will hear back within the hour. Once I know I will email you and add to this thread as well.


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