Island Dice: Brand new game debuts at LI-CON!

ISLAND DICE – A NEW tabletop game of strategy, luck, and DICE.  Survive the players, the island, and the DICE.  This is your chance to play it before it’s published.

We’ll have 3 sessions of Island Dice, and each session can have multiple tables. And a good time will be had by all.

2 thoughts on “Island Dice: Brand new game debuts at LI-CON!”

  1. Judging by the description, this could be the same game I played last November. If so, it’s already been out for a few months. Not published, but it’s been to cons before.


    1. The information we received from the creator is it was demo’d once at Astronomicon and was just getting ready to go to Kickstarter over the winter. LI-CON was to be the con closest tot he Kickstarter campaign and actual release date.


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