Still alive!

I just thought I’d take a moment to update LI-CON’s fans.

At this time, we’re still negotiating with possible locations to hold LI-CON 2. We really liked the Mill River Manor, but it was very tight for the number of people who wanted to attend. As soon as our new location is decided, you’ll read about it here.

Meanwhile, our organization continues to do other things. ICON Science Fiction Inc.’s next event, Comedy Night at the Spaceport Cantina, is October 18. Registration ends October 13, so sign up now!

Also, if you read books you should come to the book club!

2 thoughts on “Still alive!”

  1. how old do you have to be in order to go to the LI-CON in NY. and do you know if there is any conventions with inuyasha in it. and do i have to pay in order to go to the convention?


    1. Julianna,

      There is no age limit, low or high. Kids 5 and under are free, and 12 and under get a discount on membership. There will be some programming that people under 18 are not allowed into because of content. (Items like that will be marked clearly on the pocket program.) 95% of so of the convention though: if you’re old enough to be interested, we are thrilled to have you!

      Children under 14 do need to be accompanied by a parent. And while I know you aren’t asking this, Julianna, let me say that LI-CON does not provide child care–young children should not be left alone at the event.

      I don’t know of any Inu Yasha-only conventions. There are lots of anime cons, though. A list is here:

      Julianna, I’m sorry this took so long to answer. It’s totally my fault. Thanks for being interested.

      Convention Chair


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