LI-CON 2: August 14-16, 2015

I’m incredibly happy to announce that LI-CON 2 will be held from August 14-16, 2014, at the Clarion Hotel and Conference Center in Ronkonkoma, NY. Pre-registration should open next week, and expect the announcement of some guest names (and a revamp of this web site) very soon indeed.

The Clarion is in Suffolk County, near MacArthur Airport. If you’re wondering why we moved, it is not because of any problems with the Best Western we used for LI-CON 1. The management and staff there could not have been more helpful and kind. It’s just that the facility is too small for everything we want to pack into our second effort. We look forward to working with the Clarion next year.

Please feel free to post any questions below as comments, or use the Contact Us page under Info to email us. However, as soon as we can put up anything about guests or registration or hotel reservations, that information will be posted, so subscribe to our newsfeed or follow us on Facebook or Twitter (link on the right of this window) and you’ll be the first to hear.

I look forward to seeing you at the convention.

Carl Fink
LI-CON 2 Chair

9 thoughts on “LI-CON 2: August 14-16, 2015”

    1. So, Jim, are you volunteering to handle our Web updates?

      Seriously, expect an update this weekend.

      Call the hotel at 631-585-9500 and request the LI-CON rate. At this time the discounted rate is not available via online registration. Let us know if you experience any difficulties. And thank you.


  1. Hi, I can’t find anything to click on to sign up for a membership. Also, is there an ICON this year, or LICON replacing it? And as Jim P (hi from Cheryl’s mom, Jim) said, when will things be updated, as in a number of places, the dates say “2014” not 2015. It’s confusing to see last year on the date. Thanks, Helen Z , see you in Aug!


    1. Helen, we will be opening our store very soon now. We’ve been updating one page a time, things will improve quickly (we hope!).

      LI-CON does not replace I-CON. It’s sort of the younger sibling. One not-too-secret reason we hope LI-CON will be a big success is to raise the funds needed to hold an event as big as I-CON again.



  2. Happy to see it moved to a larger location, the clarion is a nice place too, it’s where li who happened these past two years (they’re now moving to a bigger location), the staff was fantastic last year but the hotel barely held us in, and it sold out both days, so it was indeed a tight squeeze, so happy to see it moving to a bigger location. Looking forward to an awesome con, just bought my ticket!


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