20 Questions Update

In which you, the fans, try to guess who we’ll be announcing as our next I-CON guest. The questions and answers so far:

1. Is the person male or female?

2. Over 50 or under 50?
Over 50.

3. Writer or artist?

4. Do I know him?
I think so. (Note: this question and all questions so far were asked by writer John Grant.)

5. Does he tend to write in series or standalones?
He has written both in very long series and standalones, but the majority of his work has been in series format.

6. Is he US or furrin?
He is US-born and still lives here.

7. Is he Ron Goulart?


Would anyone care to assist Mr. Grant?



6 thoughts on “20 Questions Update”

    1. A more strategic question would be, “Is he over 50 years old?”

      But I’ve already asked that question and gotten the answer to it. The purpose of the “52” question was to try to ascertain if this is Kevin J. Anderson, the only other author (aside from Goulart) who I could think of off-hand who might fit your description. Obviously it’s not.


    1. Yes! Peter David will be at LI-CON. Paul, there was one question I was not sure of the answer to: I actually don’t know whether you and PAD have met. You’ve been moving in the same circles fit decades.

      Congratulations, Howard.


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