LI-CON 2 Schedule Posted

Thanks to implausibly hard work by our Head of Programming, Heather Dawn, the schedule is posted! Now you can plan your exciting and fun weekend at LI-CON.

Also, when you see Heather at the con, thank her. This really was a lot of work.

Also thanks to Marketing Maven Katrina for putting it into the published format.

Also, thanks to everyone in Programming for getting this all set up.

See you at the con!

2 thoughts on “LI-CON 2 Schedule Posted”

  1. There are numerous items in your online schedule marked “author reading,” but no authors/speakers are listed on any of them. Who is scheduled for those readings? And what about signing opportunities? Will there be separate autographing times for the writer guests?


    1. The author readings have not been set in stone yet. There will be a schedule for both readings and signings posted at the event. Sorry we can’t give more advance warning, but various boring technical difficulties have slowed down the scheduling process. As soon as we have the schedule it will be updated on Sched.


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