Thanks to all our members, and what’s next

First, let me thank everyone who came to LI-CON. I hope (and believe) that you all had a good time.

If you couldn’t make Paul Levinson’s concert, you can still hear him! Just watch:

I’d love to announce our next convention, but we won’t actually have any firm plans until at least late September.

Would you like to become part of the action? ICON, our parent company, is always looking for help. If you feel that you can spend some time working on our events–not just LI-CON, but anything that we do–please email

Coming next week: I finally announce the winner of the free Medieval Times passes.

One thought on “Thanks to all our members, and what’s next”

  1. Matt, at this time we don’t have another convention planned, so we can’t actually schedule any demos. I know that as soon as we have a date and venue set, we’ll be talking to those folks, but right now we can’t actually say anything useful.

    Just to be obvious: if you have ideas or any spare energy, we’d love to have a new person volunteer to help out with our next convention, whether in gaming or some other way.


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