Browncoats of New York City

Browncoats of New York City

We are a social club that meets in New York City once a month to discuss the various elements, characters, and actors from the show. We are a very eclectic group of people from all over the tri-state area who have found friendship through this common thread.  As the actors have moved on to other roles, so have our discussions of other shows, books, plays, etc.

We also enjoy attending other events related to the Browncoat “Verse” such as sci fi conventions, shindigs, and the annual Browncoat Ball.

Many of our members are in theater and dance companies, or belong to other groups, so we have a wide variety of non-club events that we attend as well.

To join our club or get more information about us, please go to our Face Book page:

Every year, Browncoats around the world join forces to raise and donate money to Equality Now, which is Joss Whedon’s favorite charity.

Stop by our table & check out our Shiny stuff from the Firefly Verse – all proceeds will be going to this fine cause.

And please check out our website:

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