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Paul Levinson’s Triumphant Return!

Everyone enjoyed Paul Levinson‘s time at LI-CON 1. So this year he’s taken it up a couple of notches. Not only is he still the award-winning author and critic: this time around we have a movie make from one of his stories, and Paul will be performing some of his music. Watch the trailer for The Chronology Protection Case:

Brimstone (Will Kucmierowski) to appear at LI-CON 2!

We’re proud to announce that Brimstone will bring some of his talents to our convention. I’m sure he’ll try to bring them all, but we have only 3 days and he’s an actor, pro wrestler, comic book creator, book publisher, game publisher, sauce and seasoning maker (!) and food show host. We can’t wait to see him.

LI-CON to offer ASL translation for selected programming

LI-CON Hotel Liaison Amanda has arranged to have some of our programming translated into ASL, live, for our members who are unable to hear.

If you would like ASL translation of any specific programming, contact Amanda as (Note: I’ll post a reminder of this after our schedule is available!)

The Clarion has only a limited number of deaf-enabled (TTY, etc.) rooms, so if you plan to stay at the hotel during LI-CON, please contact them with  your reservation as soon as possible. If anyone needs assistance with reservations, contact the email address above for help.