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Join the Team at a White Doomsday

LI-CON is on hiatus, but join the team at the movies!

Sorry to be gone for so long. We’re gearing up to start doing things again!

This is your last chance to see I’m Dreaming of a White Doomsday in 2018! We know that because it’s a December 29 showing. Come join the ICON Science Fiction team at the Merrick Cinemas 5. Winner of the Best Picture award at GenreBlast, IDoaWD tells the story of a mother and her young son struggling to survive in a bomb shelter.

Here is the official trailer:

There is very limited seating for this showing, so please purchase your tickets in advance at the Merrick Cinemas web site.

Join the Facebook Event for the showing to receive updates, including possible dinner plans.

We hear often from people who would like to see another LI-CON or I-CON. The second-best way to help us have one, is to join our other events. The best way to help is to volunteer. Ask us about that at the showing! See you there.

Help Bring Back MST3K

LI-CON fans really loved our riffing tribute to Mystery Science Theater 3000. The original inspired and entertained millions for years.

Now show creator Joel Hodgson is bringing it back!

The “Bring Back MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000” KickStarter has already reached 70% of its goal–enough to have already funded 6 new episodes. It has a real chance of being the most successful movie/TV KickStarter ever!

I’m in. I’ve invested a bit of my money to get one of my favorite shows ever back on the air.

Now it’s your turn. Help us out, here. If we reach the 12-episode goal, there’s an excellent chance that a network will pick up the show again.


Help us pick something to riff!

One of the most popular things at LI-CON 1 was our own Katrina and Izaac riffing on SyFy’s Sharknado.

This time around, the team would like your help selecting short subjects to work on. Anything suggested must have a license that lets us modify and use the video, so either Public Domain or compatible Creative Commons licenses. Note that we’re a charitable corporation [501(c)(3)], so commercial licensing is not required.

Katrina suggests looking in the Prelinger Archive ( as a starting point, but there are lots of other sources of free-license video out there.

Reminder: because they want to offer variety this year, please suggest only short videos, say under 30 minutes. Shorter videos are more likely to be selected.

Send your suggestions to


Brimstone (Will Kucmierowski) to appear at LI-CON 2!

We’re proud to announce that Brimstone will bring some of his talents to our convention. I’m sure he’ll try to bring them all, but we have only 3 days and he’s an actor, pro wrestler, comic book creator, book publisher, game publisher, sauce and seasoning maker (!) and food show host. We can’t wait to see him.

Best-Selling Author Andy Weir (The Martian)

We are delighted to announce that Andy Weir, author of The Martian (coming to the big screen from Fox in November!) will be making an appearance at LI-CON. Unfortunately he can’t be here in person, but we’re very happy to have him on live video chat. The Martian, Andy’s first published novel, hit #1 on the NY Times best-seller list and is still there after 23 weeks as I write this!

Peter David, Writer of Stuff

Peter David
Peter David

I’m very happy to announce that Peter David has agreed to appear at LI-CON. As any I-CON fan will remember, Peter has attended literally dozens of our conventions (and yet he’s only 30 years old. Amazing.) The man doesn’t seem to loaf very much: he has written some of the most acclaimed comics of the 20’th Century, including long runs on The Incredible Hulk, Supergirl, Aquaman, and creating X-Factor among many others. He also writes for TV and movies, co-creating the Nickelodeon show Space Cases and writing several episodes of Babylon 5. And of course, he’s a best-selling novelist, his most recent publication being Artful, A Novel (or I think so–he writes so much in so many fields it’s hard to keep up.)

And yet, writing is his second career.

We missed Peter at LI-CON 1 and it’s with tremendous pleasure that I anticipate having him at LI-CON 2.

20 Questions Update

In which you, the fans, try to guess who we’ll be announcing as our next I-CON guest. The questions and answers so far:

1. Is the person male or female?

2. Over 50 or under 50?
Over 50.

3. Writer or artist?

4. Do I know him?
I think so. (Note: this question and all questions so far were asked by writer John Grant.)

5. Does he tend to write in series or standalones?
He has written both in very long series and standalones, but the majority of his work has been in series format.

6. Is he US or furrin?
He is US-born and still lives here.

7. Is he Ron Goulart?


Would anyone care to assist Mr. Grant?