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ICON Indiegogo campaign over: LI-CON Store now open

ICON Science Fiction’s fund-raising campaign via Indiegogo has ended.

We did not raise the targeted amount. I want to emphasize two things:

  1. LI-CON is a go. We are holding the event in March.
  2. I-CON the event has not been abandoned. It just won’t happen in June. We will continue to work on it and when it happens, anyone who purchased a membership as part of the campaign is still a member.

For more details see the announcement.

So how can you get LI-CON memberships now? Via the LI-CON online store, which you can find by clicking the Register for LI-CON link at the top of this very window.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to the campaign.


A Conversation With Jody Lynn Nye, Part 1

Interview conducted by Carl Fink

I first met Jody Lynn Nye at I-CON, where she and her husband Bill Fawcett were appearing. Like so many accomplished writers, both of them were remarkably down-to-earth and friendly and I really enjoyed talking to them, both there and at another convention. (Conventions are great places to have conversations—one among me, Jody, Bill and Mike Resnick I will probably remember for the rest of my life.) I still enjoy talking to both of them, and that made them naturals to invite to the first convention I am in charge of. I asked Jody to sit for an email interview as a way to introduce her to any fans who might not know her.

LI-CON: Hi, Jody. To start with, have you every done a job besides professional writing? Continue reading A Conversation With Jody Lynn Nye, Part 1

LI-CON! A gathering is born.

We’re throwing a big party, and you’re invited!

That’s what a con is, you know. It’s a big event we hold so that you can have a good time. LI-CON is a chance for all of us who love science fiction and fantasy and animation and gaming and buying cool stuff to get together and have fun.

Let me get one thing out of the way immediately: this is not I-CON. I-CON is scheduled for later in the year. It’s a multi-thousand-person giganto-festival with movie stars, dozens of celebrity guests from at least a dozen fields, and it’s great.

We aren’t that. We’re aiming for a much more relaxed, smaller event. We’re limiting our membership to 500 people. This event will be much more about hanging with people who are, in a lot of ways, like us, for a weekend. It’s all in one building, you can sleep right in the same hotel, and we expect to have some great parties on Saturday night.

There will be lots more information here as things firm up. I look forward to seeing you at LI-CON.

Carl Fink
Convention Chair