Chair: Carl Fink
Vice-Chair: Heather Luttenberger

Programming: Heather Luttenberger
Media: Jeanette Stauffiger
Science and Technology: Mike Nolan
Authors: Jeanette Stauffiger
Anime: Heather Luttenberger
Gaming: Michael Frost
Children’s Programming: Stephanie Gangone

Operations: Lee Wilbur
Audio-Visual Equipment & Logistics: David Goldstein
Information Desk: Sara Dorchak
Dealers: Ernest Layug
Hotel Liaison: Amanda Cornwell
Volunteers: Jim Urquhart
Security:Bliss McRanor
Con Parties: Michael Nolan
Fan Tables: Michael Nolan

Registration: Kimberly McGovern

5 thoughts on “Committee”

    1. Hi Erik! Expect to get a reply from this week. We are currently putting together a form to be submitted for programming. If you have not done so already, please scroll over the Volunteer link at the top of’s homepage, and click on Program Participation Volunteer. Fill out the form and submit it to us!


  1. I’m not sure how Icon will be called this year’ I just like to know is being held in stony brook this march as well or is this LI-con 1 is the only event this august, if it is than I might not be able to attend that event this year.


    1. I-CON will not be held this year. We are the company that used to organize I-CON and plans to do so in the future, but currently we have no actual date set for I-CON 32. LI-CON is another, separate convention put on by some of the same people as I-CON. It’s smaller, has less of a media focus, and it has a different feel because it’s all held in one building, not spread out over a college campus.

      If you’d like to see I-CON return, one thing you can do is be a member of LI-CON. We need to raise money and “momentum” so that we can get the bigger show started up again.

      Carl Fink
      Chair, LI-CON
      President, ICON Science Fiction


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