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LI-CON 2 Cosplay Registration

How do I sign up?

You’re at the right place!

Please make sure you have read the Competition Rules and Cosplay Weapons Policy before completing the form below. If you don’t read them, you may not be able to enter the competition.

Storm Trooper

Registration Form

Fields marked with an asterisk (*) must be filled out for your application to be successful. You may submit an image(s) of your costume prior to the event to  Please include the words COSPLAY CONTEST PHOTO and your full name in the subject line of the e-mail., or just bring it with you to the contest.  Please help us get you registered smoothly, any questions can be directed to

Registration Cut-off Dates

The deadline to register online is Friday, August 7 (one week before the event). At-con registration will occur on Saturday August 15th, 2015 at the LI-CON Registration Desk. Registration will close at 6pm on August 15.

Use the form below to register. You will have to scroll down to complete the form.

AT THIS TIME ONLINE REGISTRATION HAS ENDED, please register at the convention by 6pm on Saturday, August 15, 2015.

5 thoughts on “Cosplay Overview”

  1. the contest is only for 15th? Can I compete on sunday? I dont understand why say that I have to register 15th on the desk, I already did the pre-registratition.


    1. Sharon, you only have to register by the 15th at the convention if you didn’t pre-register online before the convention.

      The Cosplay Contest will be held on Sunday the 16th. We will have a Masquerade Saturday night this year and you can certainly cosplay throughout the convention.


    1. Hi Rachel,

      The Cosplay competition is set for Sunday, August 16th at 3:00pm. Anyone who has registered for the contest should arrive to the designated room 30 minutes prior to check in and meet the MC and submit any tracks the contestants might need (a track is not required). There will be an email sent to the registrants who have applied online with the above information. Any additional questions prior to the convention can be directed to Any questions during the convention should be directed to the Info Desk.

      Thanks again for pre-registering online!


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