David O. Miller

David O. Miller
David O. Miller

2nd Ed. D&D: The ChaoticScience Fiction and Fantasy illustrator (and I-CON Guest of Honor) David O. Miller has created art for many game companies such as TSR, GDW, White Wolf Publishing, Steve Jackson Games, West End Games and Wizards of the Coast, as well as other publishing companies including Baen Books, DoubleDay Science Fiction and Military Book Clubs, Topps and Inkworks. It was in 1977, while still at college, that he was introduced to role playing games such as D&D, Runequest, and Metagaming’s Melee and Wizards (TFT). After graduation, David started attending GenCon where he picked up work freelancing as a fantasy artist. In 1987, David took a job as Art Director for the Space and Rocket Center and U.S. Space Camp in Huntsville, Alabama. Currently, David operates his own graphic design/illustration studio in Long Island, NY. He also teaches art courses, which include science fiction/fantasy drawing and digital painting. David is also an avid gamer. He writes and maintains a very popular TFT Melee/Wizard tribute web site and is currently the president of the Long Island Heroscape League.

Some of his many published illustrations include:
• Interior color and black & white illustrations for second edition AD&D: Player’s Handbook, Dungeon Master Guide, Spells & Magic, Castle Sites and City Sites (TSR, Inc.)
• Color covers and interior black & white illustrations for Spelljammer, Dark Sun and Mystara (TSR, Inc.)
• Star Wars Galaxy II trading card: Wort (Topps)
• Various Dungeon Magazine and Dragon Magazine interiors and covers (TSR, Inc.)
• Ars Magica Cover, Third Ed.; Mistridge Cover (White Wolf)
• Faeries Cover (WotC)

Spell Jammer
Spell Jammer

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