Michael A. Zekas

Michael A Zekas
Michael A Zekas

My name is Michael A. Zekas, and I am a voice actor.  Smooth and bold with a full-bodied flavor…  (But enough about my 17th cup of morning coffee.)

I specialize in colorful roles to jazz up a project with versatility and high contrast.  Born and raised in New Jersey and based between New York and Philadelphia, I make my mark in front of the mic wherever there is a desire to be entertained.  Recent projects include my animation debut as antagonist Cliff Strive, working with MB VoiceWorks in the Media Blasters dub of Holy Knight, multiple roles in the adventure game Technobabylon as published by the award winning Wadjet Eye Games, and vivaciously velvety villain The Sultan of Cynicism of the original radio play The Amazing Adventures of Action Jack & Obvious Girl by the LTM Audio Players, the most popular show at the 2015 Atlanta Fringe Festival.  In addition, I provided the voice of Lord Nengorth in the hit RPG Lords of Xulima and served up a stinging round of disses in rhythm game Slam Fighter II by Team Dogpit.

When not behind the mic, I like to step out on stage, having performed Off-Broadway with the LTM Audio Players in their live radio play revue Happiness in Unexpected Places in August 2014, work as an audio engineer and sing as a classically trained baritone from the classics to country to rock and anything in between I roll through.

Check out my work at www.MichaelAZekas.com, and let’s get ready to rock.

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