About LI-CON

If you have ever been to a “con” you know what LI-CON is. Here you will find people, movies, games, dealers, and assorted “geek-culture”.  You’ll also find science, science fiction, fantasy, anime, monsters, and parties. There’s a lot packed in here.

LI-CON is perfect to be your first convention.  We have a  variety of different things going on, from panel discussions to random hallway conversations, and everyone from your high school classmate you haven’t seen in years to writers, actors, artists, and scientists. There are lots of interesting people to talk to.

LI-CON is entirely run by volunteers–none of us are paid even a dime. It is organized and held by Icon Science Fiction, Inc., a not-for-profit corporation. If you are interested in helping out please let us know! https://li-con.org/volunteering/

If you have any questions, please see our Contact page. We’ll be glad to help out.

Looking forward to seeing you at the convention!

26 thoughts on “About LI-CON”

    1. LI-CON is definitely not canceled! We’re about to make some major announcements of new guests and programming.

      Jan, please inform your friend that we are a definite Go!

      He/she might be thinking of I-CON, our “big brother” convention, which has been postponed (not canceled).


      1. Yes it Megan. In fact the LI-CON team is packing up, loading vehicles, and beginning our con trek at this very moment. See you there!!!


    1. Sure! You can fill out the form behind the “Dealers” link above to apply for a table (space is really, really limited) or fill out the Program Participant form if you’d like to do a signing. The PP form is behind the “Volunteer” link above.


  1. Just a suggestion, you shouldn’t have to search for date and venue of con, it should be right on top of all the pages, along where it says LICON, so people know right away when the fun starts! not on side above a tiny map, it’s harder to find, thanks. Looking forward to con!!!


    1. Helen, you are correct. I plead “We have a really small, busy team and, um, it fell through the cracks.” If there’s an LI-CON 2, we’ll have a bigger team and I won’t be covering six jobs including webmaster by myself.


  2. Will there be a warhammer 40K tourney and if not, can I host one on Sunday? If this is not possible can I play a large battle as a demo to get people interested in the game to possibly make it an annual event?


    1. Joe, we are not planning on having a 40K tournament this year, but since I will have 8 foot tables set up you are more than welcome to use one of them to set up a demo game on Sunday.


  3. i know this year all dealers are set up , but for next year are tables provided? or do we need to bring that too?


  4. Another question. If you don’t pre order the wrist bands can you still come on Saturday and get the bands at the door? I’m just alittle confused will it be sold out already. Thanks


    1. Not sold yet, but we have a very limited number of memberships still available. Your safest bet is to come by the hotel tonight between 8 and 10 to get your membership. We will both tweet and blog if/when we sell out.



    1. We need to raise a certain amount of money to bring I-CON back. (Large venues require a substantial deposit to reserve, and I-CON also has other expenses because it just a much larger event than LI-CON.) A very successful LI-CON 2 would be a huge step toward the return of “the big show”.



  5. I was wondering when and where is going to be li-con.And what time it starts and ends.And how much is for vip tickets and regular tickets.I want to be really special because is the first time me and my daughter are going


    1. Annette, LI-CON will be held August 14-16, 2015,at the Clarion Hotel and Conference Center (http://https://li-con.org/hotel/) in Ronkonkoma, NY.

      You can find the convention hours here: https://li-con.org/convention-hours/

      You can find registration information here: http://store.iconsf.org/

      VIP membership is what we call “Booster” membership. (Our logo is a rocket.) It’s $80 per person. Regular membership for an adult is $55 if you pre-register and $65 at the door during the event. Discounted memberships are available for students, senior citizens, and serving military at $5 less than the regular rate. Children (13 and under) can become members for $10.


  6. Are the discounts only on regular tickets or vip tickets too.And does the vip tickets work for both days.And what does the vip tickets include.


    1. Discounts do not apply to Booster memberships. Everything I wrote before is for 3-day memberships (Friday, Saturday, Sunday).

      A Booster gets:
      -3 day membership to LI-Con 2
      -1 LI-Con 2 t-shirt
      -Early badge pick up 1/2 hour before the pre-registration booth opens to general membership
      -Head to the front of the pre-registration line and enjoy priority access to programming with a “Blast Past Pass”

      Also you get the satisfaction of knowing you helped us put on a better convention!


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