LI-CON LogoLI-CON 1 will be held March 29 and 30, 2014

Special Guests:

Jody Lynn Nye Bill Fawcett
Paul Barnett John Grant
John Rennie

The very first LI-CON will be held at the Best Western Mill River Manor in Rockville Centre, Nassau County, New York! We’re excited to bring a diverse, friendly, and fun hotel-based convention to Long Island.

If you’d like to learn more, click Program above for information on what there is to do. Click Hotel for information about the Mill River Manor. Click Info for … well, for info, like who is holding the event, how to get in touch, and so on. If you would like information about our Dealers Room, click Dealers. And if you’d like to contribute, please click Volunteer.

Join the conversation! Use the hashtag #licon on either Twitter or Facebook.

If you have any other questions, click Info and then Contact Us and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

We look forward to seeing you at LI-CON.

45 thoughts on “LI-CON Home”

  1. There are many people who travel from Nassau, Queens, other parts of NYC, NJ, etc. to attend I-CON when it was in Suffolk. Surely diehard fans can adjust to a venue change.

    Is the Rockville Centre hotel accessible to LIRR?? I know a lot of high school kids in Suffolk attend I-CON, so this is the only group who might have more trouble travelling further west.

    Thanks and keep up the good work. Glad to have LI-CON and hopefully get I-CON back as well!


    1. To add to what Bman said: the hotel is actually right next-door to the LIRR station. That was one factor in our deciding to use this site. For someone coming from outside Nassau, especially from NYC or points further away, it couldn’t be easier.


      1. what line Rocville center on? Trying to decide whether to drive or take the train, also is parking free or paid for?


    1. Camryn: I’m glad to hear you’re excited. If you’d like to help us out, please contribute to the funding campaign that keeps us going! Even a few bucks helps.

      And please click “Program” above and tell us what you want to see at LI-CON!


  2. I think it is quite silly that people are complaining that this is in Nassau. A lot of us will go out of state for conventions. Having anything local like this is great. And it’s actually near an LIRR station which makes it easy for anyone in the NYC metro area to get there, this is fantastic. I wish you all great success on this new small con.


  3. As a Suffolk person who has been going to I-Con for almost 15 years now (since I was 14!), I’m super excited both for the new LI-Con and the “old” I-Con! If I won the lottery I’d donate enough to keep I-Con running indefinitely. As it is, I’ll try and get something together to help the funding. You guys are worth it. Maybe a theme for the relaunch could be a phoenix rebirth -appropriate, no? ❤ Love you guys and all the hard work you put in to give us LI nerds something to look forward to every year!


    1. It’s comments like this that make me glad I don’t get paid for this… I-CON and Li-CON are really a labor of love for those of us who work there. Thank you for your continued support and stay tuned for updates on both conventions. We’re trying our best to breathe life back into Long Island’s con-scene (and I agree with the Phoenix metaphor).
      What we do at ICON Inc. is for our members… welcome to the Long Island Church of Nerds ; )


  4. If I know the hotel this is at can’t you only hold five hundred people? Because I think it’s the one macabre faire was held at, and I was performing at that con and it was super small.


  5. When I heard that I-con 32 wasn’t going to be held in stony brook next year’ I almost thought about not attending on where was it gonna be at next but I’m still going to attend it for one day cuz it’s too far from home. I would imagin next year you having two other guests’ like having Ray Park again like you once did five years ago, I never had the chance to see him there at the time but I would love to see him if you’ll ever have him again. I also would love to see a former power rangers to be a guest next year like Catherine Sutherland who play the pink ranger for three years’ I had told her about I-con, wondering if she would be a guest there too’ I hope you guys will think about having there as well. I sent her a link of your site’ I believe she might contact you or asking me on letting you know of her’ anyways’ I hope you’ll have them next at I-con 32, good luck.


  6. I was under the impression, based on the description at, that LI-Con and I-Con were both dependent on the 60k and 120k goals of the IndieGoGo campaign being reached. Unless something miraculous happens, that probably won’t be the case. Can I assume, based on this site, that you are committed to running LI-Con regardless of the fundraiser results? Also, Carl says in response to another poster “Let’s be clear: WE DO PLAN TO HOLD I-CON”. Does this mean that I-Con 32 will also be held this year, regardless of the results of the crowdfunding campaign?


    1. Edwin, that’s a very fair question. We are determined to hold LI-CON whether or not we reach the funding goal in this round via Indiegogo. Obviously the amount of money we take in will determine how much we can do. My team (see the Committee page) is working hard to bring you the best convention we can.

      I-CON is a different matter. Because it is so large and has higher up-front costs, the amount of funding we get will determine not only what I-CON will be like, but when it will be held. If we miss the goal, it might mean a delay or other changes. We still intend to hold the Big Event, but how much money we take in will most certainly affect scheduling and other aspects. So we can’t promise 2014 or anything else–but we can promise we won’t give up.

      Carl Fink
      Vice-President, ICON Science Fiction


    1. Gigi, click the “Register for LI-CON” link at the top of this page to register. If we don’t sell out before the date, we’ll have at-the-door registration, but it won’t come with t-shirts and stickers the way it does now!


  7. I think this is wonderful! Affordable, and easily accessible, and having attended small conventions before (misti con, aeternitas), I know from experience it’s so much more relaxed than sitting in three hour lines for a panel which you may not even get into (like I-con or comic con). Also do we have to stay at the hotel? I’m sure you’re aware many of us long islanders may prefer to communte there for both days


      1. No, I’m saying that if everyone who has pre-registered for the convention needed a room, the hotel would be full. Most, as Jodie said, are locals and don’t need a room. However, if you plan to party on Saturday night you might want to get a room to avoid driving after imbibing. LI-CON is definitely not a “dry” convention–there is a bar in the hotel and we expect some alcohol-allowed parties as well.


      2. That’s great news! Having attended several cons before, a large amount of money goes into the hotel (plus food there) for the weekend. I’m sure to stay til god knows how late (I’m a late partyer), but glad to hear if I choose to sleep (lol) I don’t have to pay for the hotel and can just go home :).


  8. A couple questions. I see that you have no programming listed yet except for special guests, having now registered I’m dying to find out any hints as to what’s to come :). Already planning at least two cosplays for the weekend so would love to coordinate lol depending on programming. Will there be any updates soon as to what programming there will be? Will there also be any kind of Saturday night dance and will there be any late night programming? Thank you.


  9. Are you guys taking submissions for panels? I have an idea I may want to consider doing a symposium on, so wanted to find out if you’re accepting submissions.


    1. Hey Jodie,

      Any suggestions you have would be great! We are currently hashing out our panel programming… can’t wait to see you at LI-CON1


      1. Well not sure where to post this, so will just post here. I would like to do a round table discussion on Severus Snape, one of the more misunderstood characters in literature. I don’t know if I’m allowed to present or just put it in as a suggestion for someone else to run. If I were to run it, would preferably choose sunday (though would do either day), since that day I’ll be in Hogwarts uniform


  10. Will there be CCG gaming I play magic the gathering and where is the gaming schedule isn’t it getting close to the date?


  11. HI there! I know my son and friends are going on Sunday but if it only holds 500 will they be able to get in if they have to buy a ticket at the door?


    1. Dawn,

      We cannot guarantee that any memberships will still be available on Sunday. There are a couple of things I suggest:
      1)Come by Friday night and purchase your memberships at our informal get-together in the hotel’s fine Italian restaurant between 8:00 and 10:00.
      2)Subscribe to this site’s RSS feed and/or follow us on Twitter (link on the home page). We will announce when we sell out, as well as any schedule changes and so forth.



    1. We have plans for an 2015 LI-CON, which we’ll be announcing as soon as we have thing sewn up. Maybe really, really soon. Like, soon.

      Unfortunately, at this time we don’t anticipate holding an I-CON in 2015. If you’d like to see one, there are a couple of things you can do:
      1)Join us! ICON (the non-profit company that holds these events) is all-volunteer and we can always use a new minion–er, I mean colleague. Someone to help us out.
      2)Attend other ICON events. The more successful LI-CON or the Spaceport Cantina or our Writer’s Workshop or our other events are, the sooner we can get together the resources to hold “The Big Show.”

      Thanks for caring, Christopher.


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