Nicole Oliva

Nicole Oliva
Nicole Oliva

Nicole Oliva is an actress and singer from Long Island NY. She has hundreds of solo and theatrical performances to her credit in the realms of plays, musicals, operas, concerts and films. Her powerful operatic voice mimics that of Tarja Turunen but also harnesses a sweet quality like that of a Disney Princess. Nicole’s performance career started as a figure skater. Upon discovering her talent for singing and theatre arts she worked on shows such as Sussical, Les Miserables, Thoroughly Modern Millie, West Side Story, Willy Wonka and The Wizard of Oz.  Since graduating with a BFA in Theatre Arts from Five Towns College she has worked with several local opera and theatrical companies, such as The Amadeus Opera, Twitch Twitch Productions, BBR Rose Theatre, and The Gilbert and Sullivan (Yiddish) Light Opera Company.

Currently playing the role of a pretty magical Lolita girl, Nicole has been touring the East Coast doing concerts and lectures such as “The Dark Side of Opera”, “Anime Selections Jpop Vocal Show”, “Disney Cabaret”, and “19th Century Romantic Opera”. Nicole is also currently working as an alternative fashion model in the realms of Elegant Gothic Lolita Fashion, Steampunk and of course Cosplay.  Nicole has many notable cosplay works as a model and seamstress with several cosplay awards and other recognition, including working as a costume designer on several local indie films and plays.  Nicole’s talents have become fan favorites across the East Coast. She has been a notable headliner at the Macabre Faire, J-Summit NYC, and Eternal Con. She was the costume designer for The Harbor Story, and produced, wrote, designed, and starred in her own film, Doll Collector, which has been shown at several film festivals and conventions around the world, and won awards such as 2nd place at the Yellow Ape Film Festival and “Best Villainess” at the Macabre Faire Film Festival Macabite Awards. Nicole’s performance and model/cosplay work has been covered by Shojo Beat, TLC, CBS 2, FOX 5, News 12 Long Island, Newsday, In Goth We Trust, POD of the Dead, Patch NY, and Daily Eyes among others. Nicole is currently in the process of publishing a series of music videos as well as creating her first original album.

We are happy to announce that Nicole will be bringing us a brand new show never seen before this year: Voices of the Silver Millennium: A Sailor Moon tribute concert.  In honor of Sailor Moon’s 20th birthday, Nicole will be performing a concert of tunes from the hit anime Sailor Moon and its new counterpart Sailor Moon Crystal, in both English and Japanese. This is an event not to miss.

You can follow her work through these social media here timetravel

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