Anime Karaoke!

Show off your singing talent at our Anime Karaoke!

Saturday night, March 29th, get ready to croon your heart out to your favorite J-pop, J-rock, Anime, and other geeky tunes. You can bring your own music files, or check out our selection! Want to show off your para-para skills, or do the robot? You can stay awhile or just drop in on the festivities. It’s time to get your geek on Long Island!

Cosplay Competition Commences

Do you love to cosplay? Have a talent for costume design and craftsmanship? LI-CON is pleased to announce our first-ever Cosplay Competition on Sunday, March 30th, 2014!

The “Cosplay at LI-CON” competition will be sponsored by ShinkouCon and guest judged by cosplay models Nikki Cosplay, Dolly Love Cosplay and Yuumimi Cosplay. Come by and watch the contest as participants are judged based on craftsmanship, stage presence, and accuracy.

ShinkouCon has been generous enough to supply the following PRIZES for the competition:

1st prize: 3 day badge to ShinkouCon and a 1hr photoshoot

2nd prize: 1hr photoshoot

3rd prize: Half hr photoshoot

Rock star—I mean, LI-CON Vice-Chair Heather does a personal appearance

HeatherLI-CON Vice-Chair and head of Programming Heather Dawn will be doing programming at Voltaire’s Wicked Necro-Comicon 2014. This is your chance to meet the amazing multi-personality—I mean, multi-talented Heather.

The convention is February 21-23 in Bridgewater. We’ll put her schedule up here as soon as we have it.


Heather Dawn will be speaking at Voltaire’s Wicked Necro-Comicon on Saturday, February 22nd at 4:00pm!

Interested in Japanese demonology?  Check out her panel “Kappas, Goblins, and Oni’s… Oh My!”

Is that a mysterious shadow on your Shoji screen? Are you having strange dreams? Ever wonder what happens to your soul when you sleep? This panel will tell you everything you need to know about the beasties in Japanese ghost folklore, how to survive a Yurei attack, and where you can “catch them all” in Anime.

LI-CON Gaming update

We’re happy to announce a unique event: Cards Against LI-CON. Play an uncensored, uninhibited game of the insanely popular (and insane!) game, using unique cards created specifically for this special event. We’ll have cards based on our guests and staff, and players can receive these one-of-a-kind cards and decks as prizes, signed by the people they’re about. This tournament will be the centerpiece of our overnight gaming. That’s right, you can play games continuously from Saturday morning through the con ending on Sunday evening. But please stop a few times to do stuff like eat, shower, and such.

More exciting gaming news soon!

Spring is nature’s way of saying, “Let’s party!”

–Robin Williams

LI-CON will bring a grand tradition back to Long Island: room parties at conventions. Room parties are a chance for convention-goers to just hang out together in a social way. (Yes, nerds socialize!) They can also be used for a business purpose. For instance, many times a convention team will throw a party at a different convention as a way to interest people in attending. (We’re throwing a party at Arisia, for instance.)

Parties usually start around the time panels slow down, so plan to spend Saturday evening at room parties.

If you’d like to throw a party, please email We have only a very limited number of party rooms, so act fast!

Come see us at Arisia

A team from LI-CON will be at Arisia this month.

Come to our party after the Masquerade and enjoy hand-made New York Egg Creams, along with a variety of other beverages, snacks, and fascinating conversation.

Also, our chair (that’s me!) will be doing 8(!) panels. Come say hi and watch me try to seem eloquent. Continue reading Come see us at Arisia

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