Roy Mauritsen

Roy Mauritsen
Roy Mauritsen

Spanning a 20+ year professional career as a graphic designer, Roy Mauritsen is also an award-winning digital fantasy artist and author of the Shards of the Glass Slipper series. Presently, Roy Mauritsen handles photography and television commercial production as a day job and also keeps himself busy moonlighting as an art director and book cover designer with over 50 book covers published so far. Recently, Roy Mauritsen has added “audiobook producer” to his growing list of endeavors.  In March 2015, Mr. Mauritsen released his first audiobook for Book One: Queen Cinder in his Shards of the Glass Slipper series, collaborating with professional narrator Christopher Crosby Morris. Rather than a straight read through, Mr. Mauritsen spent nearly two months editing over 16 hours of recordings to mix in sound effects and music scores to create a more enhanced listening experience much like a radio drama. A similar audiobook is planned for Book II: Queen Alice.

Find out the latest at  or follow @roymauritsen on twitter.

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