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You’re immortal!

OK, only those of you who were at the recording of the Skeptics Guide to the Universe are immortal (especially Joe, who got up on stage). That episode has now been posted. (Actually it was posted on  August 22, but I’m way behind in my podcast listening.) Click the image below or the link above to hear it.

The Skeptics’ Guide to the Universe!

I’m incredibly proud to announce that the four-time Podcast Award-winning Skeptics’ Guide to the Universe will be attending LI-CON! The “Rogues” will record a show at our event, and they’ll also participate in panels and/or give talks.

The SGU has won 4 Podcast Awards and is consistently ranked as one of the top ten science podcasts. The Rogues have exactly the wide selection of skills and knowledge you’d expect from a “rogues gallery,” from neuroscience to martial arts to antique cannon replica manufacturing.

I look forward to seeing them in person again, and I know you’ll all enjoy seeing and meeting them.