The Majestic Kingdom of Avalon

Have you ever wanted to clash blades with a mighty Gladiator?  Be dubbed a Knight and slay a dragon…or BE a dragon?  Bring to life a completely original personae or take claim to a legendary role like Sir Lancelot….Robin Hood….Gandalf?  All this and more can be found in The Majestic Kingdom of Avalon!  We are a Fantasy Medieval group located on Long Island, NY.  Our events are almost always local, inexpensive, and very accommodating to new members with an abundance of loaner garb and fight gear.  Our ‘Kingdom’ gathers regularly to engage in fierce boffer combat, enjoy period arts and sciences, share stories of adventures during grand feasts, immersing ourselves in the glory of our Royal Courts, and all other forms of revelry that makes the Age of Historic Past and the Legends of Fantasy so wonderful to recreate!  Avalon can be your adventure to a world only thought possible in the Realm of Dreams!  If Avalon appears to be that weekend escape that you have been questing for, please contact us at: GladiatorsofAvalon@yahoo.com (King Maximus’ email) and visit our FB page “The Majestic Kingdom of Avalon”.

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