Melanie Ehrlich

Melanie Ehrlich
Melanie Ehrlich

Melanie is an actor, director, voice actor, and all-around awesome person. She is known for playing Chizuru in Media Blasters’ first ever in-house dub of Holy Knight, which she also cast and directed with her company, MB VoiceWorks. Recently, she and MB VoiceWorks cast Media Blasters’ upcoming dub for the popular series Ladies versus Butlers.

Melanie voices Vella Wilde, the lead female character in the highly anticipated RPG YIIK from Ackk Studios, which is scheduled for release on the Wii U, PS4, PS Vita, PC, Mac and more in late 2015. You can also hear her featured in the games Norse Noir, Sumer, A Girl And Her BunnyDropsy The ClownLords of Xulima, Genius Defense Force, and many more.
Earlier in 2015, Melanie fully cast and directed the voice acting for 2D point-and-click adventure game Norse Noir, in which combined up-and-coming voice acting talent with fan favorites including Spike Spencer, Stephanie Sheh, Vic Mignogna and Lisa Ortiz. She also voices one of the main characters, Sgt. Betty Amaria, in the game.
In addition to lending her voice to hundreds of games, commercials, animated works and documentaries, Melanie’s recently been seen on-screen on Investigation Discovery’s hit TV series Redrum and in the film Tumbledown starring Jason Sudeikis and Rebecca Hall. She is also the founder and director of the LTM Audio Players voice acting troupe, which had its live debut at the Off-Broadway Actors Temple Theatre last year.
Melanie is particularly excited to be on board as a guest at LI-CON because its big brother, I-CON, played an integral role in how she got started in voice acting! Be sure to check out one of her panels to find out how.
Melanie lives happily in New York with her two adorable, fuzzy bunnies.
To learn more about Melanie, visit her website at, follow her on Facebook at, and follow her on Twitter at!

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