Cosplay Contest Announced! Rules Posted, Pre-Registration Opened

LI-CON 2 is pleased to announce that pre-registration for the 2015 Cosplay Contest is now open.

To sign up, read the Overview here, then complete the form on that page.

Remember, space in the contest is very limited. It was incredibly popular last year–we have no idea how long it will take to fill up this time around.

4 thoughts on “Cosplay Contest Announced! Rules Posted, Pre-Registration Opened”

    1. Izzy, you can be anything that doesn’t violate our policy, as explained in the rules. For instance, no cosplay as pre-serpent Adam or Eve (no nudity) and no cosplay as Barret from Final Fantasy 7, because nothing that looks like a gun can be part of your costume. Check out the rules, they’re pretty clear. If you have questions about something not covered in the rules, email us.


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